Site News

May 2009 - removed Astra for sale, general update.

September 15th - general update.

May 21st - Added Astra convertible for sale.

April 30th - updated the blog page

April 18th - moved the old home page to the blog page, as it's more suitable.

February 27th - updated the shows list for 2007

January 16th - Added some more parts for sale, and a few links

December 5th - Added another show and some more parts for sale

November 27th - Added some shows for 2007

November 5th - new site launched

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As the web form is no longer working, please send genuine enquiries to and I'll respond as soon as I can. Obviously this is inviting spammers, so if you are only contacting me to offer web site reviews and SEO services, save your time and don't bother.