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Technical Information

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Equivalent Parts or Alternate Applications

From time to time it gets difficult to find parts by asking for bits for a Vauxhall Firenza, so it's useful to know what other cars are fitted with the same parts. Unless otherwise noted, any parts listed on this page are for the Vauxhall High-Performance Firenza. Any contributions to this list will be gratefully accepted.

Thermostat - QH part number QTH102, 88 degree temperature setting. Common to all Viva and Firenza engines whether OHC or OHV, and (of course) the Magnum, Victor, CF Van with the same engine range. It's also the same on the MG Midget and MGB, which makes it much easier to find. QTH107 is the same thermostat but with a 92 degree setting, in case you want the car to run hotter. It's also the same on some early Audi A3 and A4 models, and the Aston Martin DB5 and DB6.

Lower Trailing Arm bush - available from aftermarket suppliers in polyurethane, also available from Triumph specialists in various compositions for the Dolomite Sprint, as well as Jensen-Healey suppliers as the JH uses Magnum suspension.

Timing Belt - QH part number QTB120, Gates Powergrip part number 5023, Moprod MTB21

Track rod end - QH part number QR1072S, same as Mini, Allegro, 1100/1300, Viva HA, HB and HC and many others.

Brake Pad - QH part number BP103, same as Triumph TR4, TR5 and some TR6. Lots of cars use the same P16 caliper, also I think the pad is identical on the metric-version M16 caliper. Lots of options for various performance compounds on TR range.

Oil filter - Listed on an eBay listing as being the same on Bedford CF 1.8/2.0/2.3 (which is the same as HC OHC of course), but also Astra D 1.2/1.3, Belmont 1.3, Carlton 2.0/2.2, Cavalier 1.3/1.6/1.9/2.0, Frontera 2.4, Nova 1.0/1.2/1.3, Royale 2.0/2.2, Senator-A 2.0/2.2.

General Notes

Lighting loom wires

Dip beamBlue / Red
Main beamBlue / White
Left IndicatorGreen / Red
Right IndicatorGreen / White
HornPurple / Black
Windscreen WasherLight Green / Black
Brake PressureGreen / Brown