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Unless noted, these parts are for the High-Performance Firenza, though they may also fit other vehicles. As always, this information is provided "as-is" and in good faith, and you are responsible for checking suitability for your vehicle. Many of these are gathered from sites such as eBay from sellers descriptions.

Service Items


For QH Thermostats, the K suffix denotes a kit including gasket.

* - the QTH102 is listed for Aston Martin DB5/DB6, which also lists the QTH100 for 82 degree. This suggests that the 100 and 102 are the same dimensions. This is how the other thermostats have been picked - by seeing another vehicle which lists the QTH102 and at least one other.

Oil Filter

Timing Belt

Clutch Cable - Standard OHC Viva / Firenza / Magnum - not HPF

Clutch Cover - HPF

Clutch Driven Plate for ZF box

Clutch Release Bearing for standard OHC engine, NOT HPF

Clutch Release Bearing for HPF with ZF box

Front Suspension Parts

For QH parts, the S suffix denotes a single item, as opposed to a pair.

Track rod end - common to all HC range cars

Front inner wheel bearing - HPF only

Front hub seal - HPF only (in HC range)

Listed for Victor F, FB, FC 1957-67, Victor 3.3 Estate 1968 on, Ventora 1 and 2 1968 on

Front inner wheel bearing - all other HC

Front outer wheel bearing - all HC including HPF

Front wheel bearing - OHC Viva/Magnum/Firenza (not HPF)

Lower Ball joint - HPF only

Lower Ball joint - OHC Viva/Magnum/Firenza (not HPF)

Upper Ball joint - all OHC HC models

Steering Rack Gaiter Kit - all HC models

Propshaft Centre Bearing

Rear Suspension Parts

Rear wheel bearing - bearing all the same for HC range, OHV or OHC, but gasket varies

Rear Wheel Bearing - Chevette HS


Brake Caliper rebuild kit

Brake Pad

Brake Disc

Front Hub seal

Brake Hose - front - 2 required

Brake Hose - rear - 1 required

Rear Wheel Cylinder - not handed - 3/4" bore, same as all Lockheed OHC HCs

Brake Master Cylinder

Brake Pad Pins

Handbrake Cable - long - linkage to offside drum

Brake backing plate

Brake Shoes

Cooling System

Water Pump - with viscous fan, common to other HC OHC range. Note that pumps for the FE victor range are not suitable as the shaft is too long.

Temperature Sender Unit


Gasket Sets - note that some of these are not for 2.3, but apart from the head gasket have many usable components. Some gasket sets do not include the O-ring for the oil gallery on some models.